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Here is the best short Trick of Water soluble and Fat soluble vitamins that can help you to learn in just few seconds! This trick is going to be very easy and simple. We are sure if you learn with this trick you will never forget these in future!


Trick to learn Water Soluble & Fat soluble Vitamins

[For Water Soluble Vitamins]



W - mean water soluble vitamins

B - means Vitamin B

C - means Vitamin C

[For Fat Soluble Vitamins]



K - Vitamin K

E - Vitamin E

D - Vitamin D

A - Vitamin A


Water Soluble Vitamins are not stored in body, hence regular intake is needed to avoid deficiency. A comprehensive Water-Soluble Vitamin Profile can help to assess insufficiency in the body.

Fat-soluble  vitamins are generally absorbed in fat globules that named as chylomicrons, which enter the general bloodstream of the body through the lymphatic system of the small intestine. These fat-soluble vitamins, especially vitamins A and E, are contained in human tissues.

Naturally water-soluble vitamins (inclusive of nutrients B and C) are unique from the "water-soluble" kinds of vitamin E (inclusive of nutrition E), which can be certainly fat-soluble vitamins. When sure compounds are introduced in sure production processes, this shape of vitamin E "dissolves in water." It has been proposed that this "water-soluble" shape of nutrition E may be greater successfully absorbed into the frame via the intestinal wall.

 The fat-soluble vitamins are vitamins A, D, E, and K. They are found in foods that contain fat. The body absorbs these vitamins just like fat in the diet. They are not soluble in water. 

Fat-soluble vitamins accumulates in the liver and fatty tissues until the body needs it, so there is no need to supplement it in food frequently. Water-soluble vitamins is not stored in large quantities (except for vitamin B12), so it needs to be supplemented frequently.

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