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 Medallion Disorders Trick to learn it easily!


HC verma Se Concept Pure  Taiyar Kro

H ➼ Hemophilia
C ➼ Cystic fibrosis
S  ➼ Sickle Cell Anemia
➼ Colour blindness
P ➼  Phenylketonuria
T  ➼ Thalasemia



Medallion Disorder Trick

More About Medallion Disorders :

Definition : Mendelian ailment is a sort of genetic ailment primarily ensuing because of changes in a single gene or due to abnormalities with inside the genome. Such a situation may be visible considering the fact that start and be deduced on the premise of own circle of relatives records the usage of the own circle of relatives tree. The evaluation hence completed is called pedigree evaluation.

Mendelian Inheritance: Mendelian inheritance is that the method within which genes and their corresponding traits are passed from folks to their offspring by suggests that of dominant and recessive alleles.
Non monastic Inheritance: Non Mendelian inheritance is the patterns of inheritance which don't follow the Mendelian inheritance.

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