[Short Trick & Notes ] Hybridization Sp3 Sp2 Sp Chemistry Class 11th Jee Notes

Hybridization notes and tricks

 Hybridization :-

Definition :

Hybridization is a mathematical model that helps us to explain the bonding in organic molecules.

Hybridization is "mixing" of the orbitals resulting in averaging" of the orbitals giving the "hybrids".

Formula :-      1/2[V+M-C+A]


 # of AO = # of MO

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✿SP3 Hybridization

Mixing of one s & three p orbitals gives four sp³ orbitals & .

 sp3 -hybridized orbitals are degenerate in Energy & form a tetrahedral shape around the atom.


Mixing one s & two orbitals gives three sp² orbitals & one unused P orbital still remains.

sp²-hybridized orbitals form a trigonal planar shape

Bond angles = 120°

✿SP- Hybridization

mixing one s & three p orbitals gives four sp³ orbitals.


 sp-hybridized orbitals form a linear Shape.

Bond angles = 180°

When an electron pair is next to a π-bond, the pair is going to resonantly conjugate with the It bond. The resonance requires the e's to be on the orbital shifting hybridization to a lower value.

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