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Are You preparing for JEE?

Do You want to crack JEE without Hard Work?

Do you want to crack it in your First Attempt?

How to crack jee

If your answer is 'Yes' to all the above questions! So here is the solution to your problem!
Let's Introduce JEE

You know JEE (Joint Entrance Exam) is not an easy exam. JEE Advanced is considered as Hardest in India and in the top 5 hardest exams of the world. To crack Jee Advance you have to sacrifice all your wishes and you have to study so hard. You can not crack JEE advanced without studying, but Jee Main is easier as compared to Jee Advance and if you want to crack Jee Mains, you have to study the smarter ways to crack Jee mains! And here we also tell you about the tips & tricks to crack Jee Mains, But still, Jee needs a lot of determination and hard work. We can guide you to make it easier!

Let's talk about some queries -

Snippets :

How to Crack JEE Mains and Advance?

1. Perseverance (Strong wish)

2. Environment (Motivative environment)

3. Books & Notes (Own Notes and Best Books)

4. Time Table (Systematic Study) 

5. Smart Study (Study with efficiency) 

6. Health (Health is wealth) 

7. Mock Test (Get real analysis) 

8. Exam strategy (Talk to toppers) 

9. Revision (Main Key to crack)

10. Confidence (Stay confident & Happy)

How to Crack Jee in First Attempt:-

Absolutely Yes, You can crack JEE in your first attempt but you have to keep up with that Smart hard work and that confidence and the study hours you spent. Now talk about the method to crack in the first attempt.

How to Crack Jee?

This is the biggest query that the students facing. Here is the solution for it. you can crack if you follow these points - 
(1) PERSEVERANCE (Strong wish to Crack Jee)  
(2) ENVIRONMENT (Good environment helps to 60% more efficient)
(3) BOOKS & NOTES (NCERT is not enough, you have to choose a good book & make your own notes)
(4) TIME TABLE (You have to make a perfect time table & strictly follow that)
(5) SMART STUDY (To make study easier you have to study the hard topics more efficiently with their short tricks, in order, this site is specially prepared for tricks you can check here!)
(6) HEALTH (Health is Wealth; You have to maintain good health to crack jee because by the pressure you can't crack it)
[NOTE:- Jee have a large syllabus and we have to study deeply due to this many Students feel pressured and live with inactive and sadness, this effect the study most! You should know why we are studying? For better lifestyle or we can say directly for life with happiness, so if we are not happy then there is no benefit of these study. If we study with sadness and laziness then we become 75 % less efficient and if you crack jee by chance in future you not be able to live happily. So Stay HAPPY! Stay CONFIDENT! No need to sorrow and tension, participate in every activity and take study as a FUN!]

Coaching institute v/s self-study:- 

Since you're aiming for a pinnacle 50 rank, its miles essential to be very systematic. A lot of pinnacle 50 JEE rankers be an element of education institute because education institutes offer specialised to have a glance at the fabric that allows you stay on track. They additionally offer you sufficient principle fabric, trouble sets and take a glance at papers, to assist you to evaluate your learning. If there is any way to enter an educational institution, it is definitely worth a try. Even if your training coach is terrible, he can provide you with some basic materials, question blocks, and most importantly, a timetable for completing the course schedule. There is a timetable before your eyes. There are many possibilities. This ensures that you are always in a stable state and will not stop. However, it can be ranked in the top 50 of JEE. You should try to find alternative methods. For example, you need to make your own schedule: cover general organic chemistry by the end of August this year, fluid mechanics by mid-April, and so on. Don't worry, making an annual calendar is difficult. You can switch to the calendar month by month, but make sure to cover enough topics each month to cover the course in time and correctly. By reading this article you can crack IIT easily.

Trick to crack JEE in the first attempt:-

Smart Study, It is the easiest way to crack jee. So how can study smarter, You have to take study as fun make an interest in your studies, study your hard topic with tricks, in order this site 7tricks helps you to learn with the tricks. Here are 500+ tricks of Physics, Chemistry, Maths etc. that can jee questions in seconds even some JEE advance questions also! so check the tricks now, Click - '7tricks'

What to do After Preparation of JEE:-

1) Try operating to your weak regions and stupid errors as those will enhance your basic score.    
2) Taking mock tests and solving previous year questions online will assist you in analysing the above point.     
3)     Prepare a subject-clever method sheet (Physics, Chemistry, Maths) that you can deliver with you all of the time that will help you revise the formulas.     
4) Prepare an everyday time desk and recognition majorly on revision and online take a look at as those take a look at assisting enhance your rating with the aid of using 50-60%.     
5) Take brief breaks throughout your look at or concentrate to tune because it complements the attention power.     
6) Most importantly hold yourself wholesome and suit because the examination is near.

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Common Questions -

Is JEE Mains easy to crack?

Nothing in this world easy or Hard! It's just your presuming! It can be easy if you want. Most of the students say it is difficult because they didn't prepare it well. and if you have a strong will and prepare well, It will be surely easy for you!

How to gain motivation to crack JEE?

My personal motivation for entering the pinnacle 50 of JEE turned into to major in Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Bombay and making my mom and dad proud of me. I continually need to "choose" a branch, now no longer the alternative way around. I need a selectable area. Which branch and university will I study in? I have heard plenty about the IIT Mumbai Computer Science and Engineering Program, and accept as true that collaborating inside the program will provide me with the best opportunity. He knew that it needs to be one of the pinnacle one hundred commercials in JEE. Enter IIT Mumbai CSE. Therefore, I began to prepare for entering JEE to be most of the pinnacle one hundred.

How can I cheat in JEE mains?

Yes, you can cheat, But in a different way! Cheating is of different types you have one option to cheat, cheat means is to get the answer without knowing that question method or concept it may be by a short trick also. Yes and there is a site named 7tricks that have a lot of short tricks with them you can solve the question in just 10 seconds! More than 20,000 students are visiting and getting the new amazing and funny short tricks daily, so why you are waiting for the link is here check once and find you difficult topic to learn it very quick open this link click here - | |

Should I go to Kota for JEE preparation? 

Nope, you should not move to Kota blindly. I never moved to Kota because my parents thought I was too young to go home alone. They are partly correct. I will be fascinated by Kota's life. What I want to say is that it is best not to leave home at this time. If the conditions in your area are very bad (for example, you can't even buy books), you should only consider coaching in Kota or Delhi.

How can I get 1st Rank in JEE?

'It’s not about your genes, it’s about your hunger' Feel the pressure as your happiness. You have to become well strong to do that. First, you have to decide you have to do that or not! You have to think that you can or not! You have to study from today, not from tomorrow. Leave all your bad habits and start studying systematic from today! You can not cram JEE main without studying.

How can I crack JEE main in one day? 

Follow these Steps -

1) Make Short Notes of all chapters (one page of all chapters) when the chapter ends so that you can revise quickly.
2) write all formulas at a place of Physics chemistry and Math.
3) Don't study anything new on the previous day of the exam because it will decrease your confidence.
4) Be confident & happy! Our good luck best wishes are always with you!

Is HC Verma enough for JEE mains?

Yes, Hc Verma is for helping the students who won't get an IIT. It has a lot of content that helps you to get good marks in Jee Main and Advanced. Remember Jee is not difficult if you have a strong wish.

Is NCERT enough for JEE?

NCERT syllabus is limited but Jee needs more concept details and clarity to solve questions. So NCERT is not enough to crack JEE. You need to purchase more books to crack JEE.

How many hours does IIT topper study?

Topper doesn't study more from Quantity, they study by quality. More hours doesn't mean you will be a topper. How well you study for hours matters. In fact, you have to study 6-7 hours daily efficiently if you want to crack JEE.

How to crack JEE in 2 days? 

To qualify JEE exam, in the last 2 days you should follow that, On the last second day you revise all the formulas with your short notes and on the last day, you study for two hours only revising the formula only, In the last day not study overnight because it decreases your efficiency in exam day. Remember not to study a new topic or new concept before exam day.

Can we crack JEE in 20 days?

Tricks can help you to do so. Here are some awesome tricks that can solve jee questions within 5 seconds, I am talking about that questions, which takes more than 5 minutes to solve by the method. You want to get these tricks this site | 7tricks | is totally made for tricks. More than 1,000+ tricks are available here, you can check! It's not possible to crack jee in one day.

Is 12th marks important for JEE?

In reality, 12th marks don't matter in you Jee AIR. But you have a minimum of 70% marks in the 12th board and even this year is has been removed. Your score on JEE exam decide which IIT, NIT... you get. 12th boards marks will not be considered in these.

How to gain self-confidence for JEE?

Do more with your Practice and achievements. The overall method you should follow : 
1) Pursue goals. 
2) Work hard and reach the destination. 
3) Your self-confidence has increased (because you have achieved some achievements!). 
4) Pursue different goals. Always quantify your goals. "I will give me 100% after the test" is an unquantifiable goal. "After the test, I will keep the tenth place" is the previously defined goal. 
5) When you quantify your wishes, they are likely to prevail because you honestly acknowledge what you need to achieve.

Video, How to crack jee :

Hope this will help you in cracking JEE.

Which is the best book of Maths for JEE? 

I will not confuse you by telling you so many books. I will strongly recommend you to buy a Cengage book for maths. Because it contains all syllabus, all types of concepts, PYQs etc. that need for JEE. If you want to buy it from Amazon the click this link to Get Some discount on Cengage Books. Click:- 'Discount on Cengage books'

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