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Bond Order Trick
Here is a special Trick to get the bond order in 10 seconds only! This trick is 100% Correct and applicable for all types of questions! At first study about What is Bond Order and its formula.

What is Bond Order?

Bond order shows the bond(number of chemicals) that are present between pair of atoms.

FORMULA :- 1/2 [Nb - Na]
Na = number of antibonding electrons
Nb = number of bonding electrons

How to find bond order?

Follow these simple steps to get the bond order of any of the elements:-


First, you have to find the no. of electrons in a given compound or molecule. For example:-
The question is to find the bond order of N2 
Then no. of electrons in this molecule is 7+7 = 14
Similarly, for CN- compound, it will be 6+7+1 = 14; for F2 it will be 9+9= 18.


After adding no. of electron, you will get numbers   like 10,11,12,13,14,15,16....etc. 

Now, remember this table- 

No. of electrons    Bond Order 
10              -            1
11              -            1.5
12             -             2
13             -            2.5
14             -             3
15             -            2.5
16             -             2
17             -             1.5
18             -              1

It shows that if you get no. of electrons as 14 then bond order will be 3, Similarly for 13 bond order will be 2.5

It means you have to subtract 0.5 in going up and down by 14 electrons for one step.

☻Hurrah! You get the answer! It took less than 10 seconds.

Let's take some Examples-

  • What is the bond order of N2?

We know that no. of electrons in the N2 molecule are 14, so the bond order for N2 is '3', as written in the above table! So, the answer is 3.
  • What is the bond order of F2?
We know that no. of an electron in F2 is 9+9= 18 so by the table for 18 bond order is 1, so the answer is 1.
  • What is the bond order of CN-?
In CN-  number of electrons in CN- = 6+7+1 = 14. So for 14 electrons bond order will be 3.

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Some Facts and details about bond order:
Linus Pauling is the scientist who introduced the concept of this bond order. Determined by the difference between the number of chemical bonds and the number of anti-links. 
The bond number itself is the number of electron pairs between atom pairs. Generally, the higher the bonding sequence, the stronger the bond. In most cases, the bond sequence corresponds to the number of bonds between two atoms. An exception occurs when the molecule contains anti-bonding orbitals.
The bond order idea is applied in molecular dynamics and bond order potentials. The significance of the bond order is associated with the bond duration.
Bond duration is described due to the space among the centres of covalently bonded atoms. Generally, the duration of the bond among atoms is about the sum of the covalent radii of the two atoms.

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