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Important Cities and Countries in NCERT Neet

Here is the list of all the important cities and countries that are mentioned in NCERT. These often asked in Exams and important. You should note down these in your notebook. Also notes of this is given at the last of this page, You can download that from there!

Important Cities and Countries in NCERT :

1. Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI) : Lucknow

2. Strobilanthus kunthiana found in : Kerela, Karnataka & Tamilnadu.

3. National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI) : Lucknow 

4. Famous Royal Botanical Garden : Kew (England)

5.Indian Botanical Garden : Howrah (India)

6. Lupinus arcticus (Lupine) excavated from : Arctic Tundra 

7. Phoenix dactylifera (Date palm) excavated from : King Herod’s Palace
near Dead Sea. 

8. Sah iwal Cow bre d in : Punjab (through artificial selection & domestication) 

9. Hisardale (Sheep) develop in : Punjab (by cross -breeding) 

10. Oparin : Russia 

11. Haldane : England 

12. S.L. Miller : America 

13. Wallace Worked in : Malay Archipelago 

14. Observation supporting evolution by natural selection comes from : England 

15. Darwin worked in : Galapagos Islands 

16. Coelcanth (fish) caught in : South Africa (1938). 

17. Few fossils of man-like bones have been discovered in : Ethiopia & Tanzania. 

18. About 3-4 mya man - like primate walked in : Eastern Africa 

19.Fossils of Homo erects discovered in : Java (1891)

20. Australopithecus lived in : East African Grasslands. 


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