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To qualify for the NEET exam is the ambition of many students, but now-a-day competition is very tough as lakhs of students are giving NEET exam. So those students who prepared well and worked hard will get selected in NEET. But many students crack the NEET exam without so much hard work. Then, how did they do this? Its simple answer is that they do 'Smart Study'. 

Biology tricks pdf

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We are hiring that students crack NEET ug exam with fun and no pressure, in order tricks and mnemonics helps students a lot. Because a student can't become extraordinary from others if he does not do different or more practice than others

At the last of this page you will get Biology short tricks for NEET  chapter-wise and a short trick book of hard topics in NEET in PDF format, You can download the pdf easily because it is stored in google drive. It contains biology short tricks in Hindi pdf format and English pdf format. There are biology tricks for NEET. 

These tricks ebook are helpful for Class 11 and 12 students both.

In the PDF so many Biology tricks list is given, you simply click on the name and you will get the secret tricks of biology. NCERT Biology topics are also given and this is part 1 only a few tricks are written here if you want to get more tricks you simply tap on the More Biology Tricks button at the bottom of that PDF. 

Biology tricks pdf content -

  • Memorize biology in NEET.

  • Score 360 in NEET biology. 

  • Premium Biology Tricks.

  • Mnemonics for NEET biology.

  • Preparation of neet biology 2021 & 2022.

  • Crack Neet without hard work.

  • The smart way to crack NEET.

  • Neet trick app download for PC.

  • Time Table for NEET preparation in 1 year.

  • Neet preparation tips by toppers.

  • Neet telegram group for Tricks.

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TABLE of the content -

Facial Bone Short trick,
Short Trick of Platyhelminthes, Aschelminthes & Annelida, 
Pituitary Hormone Trick,
Hypothalamus Control Short Trick, 
Bacteria type Short Trick, 
Phycomycetes, Ascomycetes, Basidiomycetes, Dauteromycetes Mnemonics, 
Enzyme Release from Small Intestine Short Trick, 
Water Soluble & Fat-soluble Vitamins Trick, 
Epithelium tissue Short Trick,
[Short Trick] Essential & Non - Essential Amino Acids, 
[Trick] Coagulation Factors, 
[Short Trick] Medallion Disorders Amino acids, 
Short Trick All Important years in biology TRICK etc. 

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