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Here are the best-handwritten notes of Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM). These are handwritten notes of a topper that are useful in competitive exam like jee neet etc. It is helpful for class 11th student also.

SHM notes download

SHM notes topics snippets:- 

➤ Definition of Harmonic motion, periodic motion & examples.
➤  Definition of oscillatory or vibrational motion.
➤ Types of SHM
➤ Linear SHM 
➤ Angular SHM
➤ Conditions for SHM in linear or rotational 
➤ Basic terms used in this chapter like Amplitude, period, Frequency etc.
➤ Phase and phase angle
➤ Equation of simple harmonic motion
➤ Displacement, Velocity and acceleration in SHM
➤ Graphical denotation in SHM
➤ Energy(Potential & Kinetic) in simple harmonic motion
➤ Spring Pendulum & its time-period with diagram
➤ Various Spring Arrangement
➤ Series combination & Parallel combination
➤ Free oscillation and damped oscillation
➤ Forced Oscillation & important points.

How to download:

Just click on 'Download Notes PDF' in the green button then a page will open that contains these short notes on google drive. You can see them on that page or you can download them (the download button will be on the top right corner.)

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