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If you are a biology student you must come across the Trueman Biology book because it is an elementary book that helps you to make your base strong! 

Here you get the PDF of this book for FREE and if you gonna buy it you will get the maximum discount on this book on this page!

Trueman Biology Class 11th Pdf free download

Let's first know about this book!

This is comprehensive & intense about elementary biology! This book is written by K.N. Bhatia and M.P. Tyagi! This book is published by Trueman Publication. Academic advisors and teachers mostly recommend this book for beginners who entered class 11th and want to strengthen their base and clarity in basic concepts of biology! 

Although, Students which are going to study for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) should clear their concepts from this book, and if you are preparing from class 9th and 10th then this book will help you a lot.

Chapters in Trueman Biology:

  1. Reproduction In Organisms
  2. Sexual Reproduction In Flowering Plants
  3. Reproductive Health 
Genetics And Evolution
  1. Principles of Inheritance And Variations
  2. Molecular Basis of Inheritance
  3. Evolution
Biology And Human Welfare   
  1. Human Health And Disease 
  2. Strategies For Enhancement In Food Production
  3. Microbes In Human Welfare   
Biotechnology And Its Applications
  1. Biotechnology: Principles And Processes 
  2. Applications of Biotechnology
Organisms And Populations
  1. Organisms and Populations
  2. Ecosystem
  3. Biodiversity And Conservation 
  4. Environmental Issues
Download Trueman biology book Pdf (Latest Edition)

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Name Trueman's Biology
Class 11th & 12th
Author KN Bhatia
Edition 2021
Language English


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FAQs on Trueman Biology:

How many pages are in this book?

There are 1930 pages in Trueman's Objective Biology book. 1320 pages in Trueman's Elementary Biology, Vol. - 1 and 1140 pages in Trueman's Elementary Biology, Vol. - 2.

Which company publishes the Trueman biology book?

Trueman Book company publishes these books. These are written by K.N. Bhatia and M.P. Tyagi.

Which language is used in Trueman biology?

Trueman's biology book is written in the English language by K.N. Bhatia and M.P. Tyagi.

What are the dimensions of this book?

The dimension of this book is 20X14X4 cm. 

Is Trueman biology good for NEET?

Yes, Absolutely! This book is the best selling book for NEET & AIIMS. Vol. I cover general information & the CBSE class XI syllabus. In this 14000 MCQs have been given in the book along with answers and hints of difficult questions.

Reviews of Trueman Biology book:

Reviews of Trueman Biology book

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More About Trueman Biology:
  • Textbook chapters cover the reproduction of organisms. The sexual reproduction of flowering plants. Proper reproductive genetics and genetics.
  • The evolution of ideas and versions of human biology and well-being. The molecular basis of evolution. Human health and infection control strategies. Improving microbial food production to promote human well-being. 
  • Biotechnology and its skills Biotechnology: Thoughts and processes Biotechnology opportunities Organisms and populations Organisms and populations, environment and environmental factors. Key textbook alternatives. 
  • Each chapter is broken down into several subsections and explained using clever methods designed for college students. Extra understanding of thought. Also, Including unique illustrations in a clear design, understanding makes the education of scientists alive.

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