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Are you searching for the best trick to learn reactivity series, so your search end here. By this given trick you can learn reactivity series within some minutes. 

First, we know about Reactivity Series!

What is Reactivity Series?

A series in which metals are arranged in order of decreasing reactivity is called a reactivity series. Therefore, the metal with the lowest reactivity is at the bottom of the row, and the metal with the highest reactivity is at the top of the row.

What are the uses of the Reactivity series?

In addition to supplying records approximately the reactivity of metals, the reactive collection has numerous different critical uses. Just take an example, the consequences of reactions among metals and water, metals and acids, and easy substitution reactions among metals may be anticipated through a sequence of actions.

Why we should learn with a trick?

Nowadays, In competitive exams syllabus is very large and so many students are giving the exam, making it more difficult to crack it, So for quick learning and reduce the pressure we go for tricks that help us to make study easier and funny. In this path, 7tricks helps you to know awesome tricks for exams!

How to Learn Reactivity Series?

See this table, here is the best trick given that help you to learn reactivity series in just a minute!

Reactivity Series Trick
Element Symbol Trick
Potassium K Kashi [काशी]
Sodium Na Nath [नाथ]
Calcium Ca Ca [का]
Magnesium Mg Mali [माली]
Aluminum Al Aloo [आलू]
Zinc Zn Zra [जरा]
Iron Fe Feke [फीके]
Lead Pb Pkata [पकाता]
Hydrogen H Hai [है]
Copper Cu Caun [कौन]
Mercury Hg Hai [है]
Silver Ag Aage [आगे]
Gold Au Aao [आओ]


  • Given Table is in Decreasing order of reactivity while going from up to down.
  • This trick is based on the symbol of these elements!

The trick to learn Reactivity Series in Hindi & English:- 

Hindi:- काशी नाथ का माली आलू जरा फीके पकाता है कौन है आगे आओ

English:- Please Send Little Cute Monkeys And Cute Zebra In Hard Lead Cage Safely by Gorrila

  ☟ Reactivity series Table ☟

How to learn reactivity series


What is the easiest way to learn the reactivity series?

The easiest way to learn the reactivity series is to learn by this trick:- Please Send Little Cute Monkeys........Click Read more!

How do you memorize the electrochemical series?

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