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S. L Arora [PDF] Download

If you are a biology Or maths student you must come across the S.L. Arora book because it is an elementary book that helps you to make your base strong! 

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Let's first know about this book!

This is comprehensive & intense about elementary physics! This book is written by Bhupesh Arora and Kanta Arora! This book is published by S.L Arora. Academic advisors and teachers mostly recommend this book for beginners who entered class 11th and want to strengthen their base and clarity in basic concepts of physics! 

Although, Students which are going to study for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) should clear their concepts from this book, and if you are preparing from class 9th and 10th then this book will help you a lot.
  • Chaptera of S.L Arora of class 11th:
The SL Arora physics class 11 volume 1 contains the below listed chapters-
  1.    Physical World
  2. Unit And Measurement
  3. Motion In A Straight Line
  4. Motion In A Plane
  5. Law Of Motion
  6. Work, Energy & Power
  7. System Of Particle And Rotational Motion
  8. Gravitation
Sl Arora for Classs 11 Physics Volume 2 contains the below listed chapters - 
  1. Mechanical Properties Of Solid
  2. Mechanical Properties Of Fluid
  3. Thermal Properties Of Matter
  4. Thermodynamics
  5. Kinetic Energy
  6. Oscillation
  7. Waves
  • Chapters of S.L Arora of class 12th:
The Sl Arora Physics Class 12 volume 1 contains the below listed chapters-

  1. Electric Charges and Fields 
  2. Electrostatic potential and Capacitance 
  3. Current Electricity 
  4. Magnetic Effect of Current 
  5. Magnetism and Matter 
  6. Electromagnetic Induction 
  7. Alternating Current
  8. Electromagnetic Waves
  • The Sl Arora Physics Class 12 volume 2 contains the below listed chapters-

  1. Ray Optics and Optical Instrument
  2. Wave Optics 
  3. Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter Open pdf
  4. Atoms
  5. Nuclei
  6. Semiconductors 
  7. Communication System

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